Tender the Maker

2015 May Swenson Poetry Award

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Utah State University Press/ University Press of Colorado

“Christina Hutchins combines a pitch-perfect and precise lyricism with a postmodern sensibility of language’s materiality… If the poetry’s music tethers these poems internally, what holds them together in theme and subject is the thread of the elegiac at both personal and historical levels. “Who can bear history?” Hutchins asks hauntingly throughout this volume… [It] seems at times a moral imperative (to imagine evil, as Robert Duncan famously urged of Denise Levertov), but at other times in Tender the Maker, it is Life’s unrepeatable, glorious Mystery, on which this beautiful collection so tenderly muses.”               —From the foreword by Cynthia Hogue, Judge

“There is presence in apparent absence, the proof of which, these poems remind us, is memory, affections, and language.  And so comes this book—elegant elegy, tenderly made—which sparks in turn deepened attention to what is. “If only making love did not also make loss,” Hutchins writes.  But in this moving work, making loss makes love.” 
                                       —Forrest Hamer, author of Rift and Middle Ear

Verbally lush and nimble-minded, Christina Hutchins’ poems conduct the upheavals, griefs, and wild splendors of life with a rare and marvelous aplomb.”                    —Dean Young, author of Bender: New and  Selected                                                                    Poems and The Art of Recklessness

“An elegantly crafted, dense work that invites readers to travel on spiritual, philosophical, and historical journeys.”
                                        —Kirkus Reviews